Should You Have Umbrella Insurance?

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April 27, 2021
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Should You Have Umbrella Insurance?

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Life is unpredictable. Of course, you already know this. But have you considered all the risks you currently face? Distracted drivers. People using social media to expose others’ dirty laundry. Teen drivers, carpools, pets, parties, and even your occasional housekeeper are all examples of everyday risks.

Our society is also more litigious than ever, and lawsuits are commonplace. So it isn’t a question of whether something unexpected will happen, it’s really a question of when, and how bad it will be.

Did you know that most people only carry $100,000 of liability coverage? It sounds like a lot of money but it won’t cover all the potential costs associated with a serious injury. What if someone gets hurt and your insurance doesn’t have enough protection to pay for everything they need- lost wages, emotional distress, residual pain and scarring? You might not be prepared!

That’s why umbrella insurance is so important!

You don’t have to be a millionaire to get sued like one. It gives you greater peace of mind and protects against life’s unexpected surprises. That means if your dog bites someone, or even worse, the house burns down because he left on an old stove burner…you’re covered up to $1 million in liability protection from any lawsuits that might follow (or happen).

The coverage also kicks in for other things too-think medical bills when you’ve got no health insurance but are injured by another person while driving their car without collision damage coverages getting involved? You won’t need more than just some rest and relaxation time after reading about those neat benefits before we move onto how much it costs.

Imagine the horror of realizing that your home or auto insurance doesn’t cover a loss.

Do you know what would happen if, for example, there was an accident in your house? No one is safe from liability by law and all it takes to find out how much personal property can be taken away from us is a quick internet search.

Peace of mind doesn’t have to cost you.

With an umbrella policy, your assets, savings and even future income are protected if a claim is filed against you for some reason; it’s about the same as living on one dollar per day! Contact Hodge Ethridge Agency today for details.

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