Why Motorcycle Helmets Is a Must for Motorcyclists

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May 19, 2021
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Why Motorcycle Helmets Is a Must for Motorcyclists

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Motorcycle safety is the search for the safest methods and means of reducing the inherent risks and hazards of motorcycle riding, focusing particularly on motorcycle technology, road-construction construction and safety rules, driver education, and the overall cultural attitudes toward motorcyclists and all road users.


Many jurisdictions have put in place strict regulations regarding motorcycle safety and most of these laws have been implemented in an attempt to reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to motorcycle riding each year. Laws such as those in California, New York, and Pennsylvania have made it necessary for motorcycle riders to wear protective clothing and helmets when they are out on a “joy ride” on public highways.


Some countries even have outright bans on motorcycle riding or require motorcyclists to dismount every time they reach a speed of fifty miles per hour. In the United States, many states are still trying to figure out what the legal requirements are regarding motorcycle safety. At this time, the state of California is considered the motorcycle safety capital of the country.


The tradition of riding motorcycles has been enjoyed for decades throughout the world. The modern-day motorcycle enthusiast enjoys the freedom of riding their motorcycles wherever they want to on any given day. One reason why motorcycle safety is important is that motorcyclists are often at a higher risk of receiving serious injury or fatality when they are not wearing the proper and adequate protective clothing or equipment. In addition, because of the high speeds at which motorcycles travel, the airflow through the engine and in between the motorcycle’s parts is not completely sealed off, causing the risk of carburetor problems, which lead to dangerous leaks in the fuel mixture, carbon monoxide poisoning, or fire. Most countries now have some form of mandatory motorcycle insurance, which covers the driver’s personal injury and property damage incurred in the event of an accident.


Motorcycle riders are often concerned about the fashion in which they are dressed. One thing that has made a comeback in popularity is the colored leather motorcycle apparel. The colored leather apparel serves a dual purpose. It helps to protect the rider’s legs and feet while also providing color and style. Another thing that many motorcyclists wear our leather chaps, which help to protect the lower portion of their legs from road burns, scrapes, or cuts.


Another important aspect of motorcycle safety today is proper motorcycle grooming. Many motorcyclists shave their heads because it helps to protect their skin from the sun. Many also wax their eyebrows, because a shaved head can look just as scary as a bald one. A proper motorcycle grooming routine includes washing the hair regularly with soap and water, removing all jewelry and earrings, and applying a good quality motorcycle helmet, leather gloves, and leather footwear.


Many riders find that they will receive more tickets if they ride on weekends instead of weekdays. This is because, on weekdays, there is less traffic. Also, on weekends, there is more motorcycle safety equipment available for sale. It should be noted that there have been cases where motorcyclists who were not wearing a helmet have been hit by other vehicles when driving on a Monday. In one case, a motorcyclist was killed, when a vehicle hit him from behind at about 50 miles an hour. All of this information helps to illustrate the importance of ensuring that the rider has a complete motorcycle safety equipment kit, such as a leather riding jacket, leather chaps, motorcycle boots, a full-face helmet, as well as the proper leather motorcycle gear that is designed to protect both the rider and passenger in case of an accident.


It should also be noted that there are two types of motorcycle fatalities-injuries to the head and injuries to the body. Motorcycles have some of the highest rates of motorcycle fatalities compared to other vehicles. Nearly all motorcycle fatalities are the result of head injuries. For this reason, helmet use should be strongly encouraged among motorcycle riders. If you are planning to purchase a motorcycle, you should always consider helmet use.

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